Zenegra is a strong effective ED drug at present, as it is hugely recommended on large scale to treat impotency in feeble man. The grounding process of this drug is carried under similar compelling medical norms and surveillance that of inventive brand "Viagra". Zenegra is very much responsive of its goodish doing effect, it vanishes ED trouble within a few minutes without wasting much time compare to usual ED drug. This drug is generic version of Brand “Viagra” and is also permissible by the authorities operating there-in. To some extent it is challenger as well as well as complement to inventive brand “Viagra”. It too absorbs in the same basic element that is put forward in original brand – "Sildenafil Citrate". Sildenafil citrate is a central building block included in more or less in every ED medications.

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Zenegra is an ordained drug {mandatory} that should be followed only on doctors authorized consent and devoid-of that. Thus, the drug invariably explains that it should be taken under proper medical guidance and the same applies to dosage also. Dosage determination is the part of doctors concern you don’t worry about that you just with the sole purpose follow it once suggested. The suggested dosage always sub-serves in your good turn and also is very mush beneficial according to your health so pursue it as it is. Doctor urged this medication according to men’s requisite and compatibility to respond the drug. At initial stage and case it is always 50mg and than subsequently doctor increase the power, pause, if required so otherwise the same dosage routine is carried forward. Beside, inlet 1 pill- 1 day and not twice or thrice independently as your mind say do not commit this error, please.


Erectile dysfunction, also broadly referred as Impotency encourages in men owing to scarcity of blood and sexual frustration namely. Erectile dysfunction is related and involved with the within activities of the penile area that is in charge for erecting an erection in men during an intercourse. But zenegra works best on this sexual problem in man. The drug efficacy furnishes required blood flux in the penis area to erect an erection in ineffectual man who is unable of acquiring it without zenegra. It operation takes place within less than 45 minutes, which is its plus point.


Precautionary measures are invincible and mandatory to follow in any case to escape inauspicious risky health situations ahead with the wrong do of the drug. Precautionary guidelines are very obvious and common with every that we take but they are distinct for distinct drug. Every Ed tolerant practicing zenegra should get acquainted with the precautions associated with the drug, as ignoring them can be more fatal health wise. Precautionary events associated with the drug also says that when you’re on this medication {zenegra} then please for mean time stay away from alcohol and other abusive substance. Also, those who are operated with certain surgery or operation should not indulge in this drug as without doctors counsel indulging in this drug will provide lethal evidence in your health support. So don’t try out with defensive measures of the drug.

Side effect

There exist fewer side effects on wrong practice of zenegra, otherwise it is the most secure drug to indulge. Don’t be fret, they are gentle and impermanent by nature and if the fact is to be said then only fresh users experience it and not anyone else beside them. Gentle and mild side effects engross if the drug is taken without medical guidance and approval like headache, stomach upset, heavy dizziness, haze vision, diarrhea, back pain, light sensitivity and so on. On the other hand, sometimes grievous depraved fallouts are also practical in some exceptional cases, which are bit sensitive or allergenic previously. That accounts for severe heart attack, chest pain, suffocation, off-bit heart rhythm, strokes etc. And on top of that if all such fallout persists for prolonged time than please place for medical emergency support to get aided in betimes.


More far the storage part is concerned than it is drugs adjoined part and is also amidst one of the most crucial and apprehension element interlinked with the drug. Make sure you are stocking zenegra under accurate room temperature around 15-30 degree Celsius and in unruffled arid clean place. That doesn’t mean you should store it in refrigerator, No it is absolutely wrong just adjust the room temperature similar in temperament to the drug compatibility. Even, stock it away from children’s clutched. Do not store this drug in muggy temperature like in kitchen or bathrooms instead stack away it in a safe secure place where no one can clutch it.