Silagra is a matured ED {erectile dysfunction} drug that helps men to eradicate ED trouble instantaneously. It’s worth and potentiality has the proclivity to work upon ED assertively. Silagra is said to be an interpretended version of resourceful brand “Viagra” which by now is a conventional ED drug in the market. The basic central element subsist in this drug is same of Brand “Viagra” and that involve “Sildenafil Citrate” – is a PDE5 retarder that initially breaks down the rooting commotion of ED in man. It is the most trusted reliable drug at moment since it is shaped under certified medical standard norms; even FDA has acclaimed it as a convincing ED Drug. In addition, it is offered at very cheat rates compare to other ED medication and is easily obtainable here at online pharmacy, minus any search. Besides, it endows pleasure for long stable time throughout the intercourse good thing awkward moment free.

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Silagra is an ordained drug suggested to practice only on doctor’s say-so. Doctor urge dosage accordingly your health precondition and previous health issues, your body have gone through. Also, the drug efficacy comes into existence only when the afflicted person {impotent} is aroused fairly for an interaction, or else. Correct dosage is mandatory, if the person wants to see or experience quick and expected result. The dosage quantity is distinct in all cases, it depends upon men’s body competency to dwell-in the drug inevitably. Our very own doctor recommends 50-100mg dosage to an individual afflicted person in every distinct case considering his body rudiments and skills.


Silagra is a highly eligible drug; the acquisition that is achieved via utilization of it is very commendable if gone through. Plus, it brings around men’s self- confidence reassuring him about his sexual abilities to perform an intercourse well in a peaceful manner. At the same time, it also suppresses the onsets grounds of anxiety and depression in men pertaining intercourse, predictably. The muscles that are long-drawn-out in the penile area {male organ} need equivalent value and support of blood surge to activate erection in the same which for sure rendered by this drug at time. The main objective of silagra is to render proper required blood flux in the penis to arrive at erection, without which a man is ineffectual in bed skills.


Precautionary measures are very imperative from safety point of view as it guides us regarding usage and sometime dosage of the drug. Silagra too can hit severe side effect if its precautionary rules are dishonored or ignored at time of consumption and then back the following session. Perhaps, no issue will be emerged if all the norms and median regarding its preventative measure are pursued absolutely without committing any mistake. Also, practicing it under medical care will be safe and sound. Similarly, do not bond up it with any alcoholic drink or fatty meal, as this act of yours will bend towards declination of its efficiency. In addition, altering or modifying the predetermined dosage without doctor’s confirmation will be more risky and health intimidating over and done. Probably, there will be no qualms persists, if Silagra is put into practice beneath suitable medical assistance and support noticeably.

Side effects

There are certain fallouts that emerge during time, if the customary rules allied with the drug are mistreated. Hence, if you follow this drug without doctors consent you’ll surely face certain obvious negate outcome extracting from drug. Don’t panic, all such side effects that engross during it are impermanent and most notably easygoing by character. Headache, back pain, nausea, muscle pain, diarrhea, dizziness, stomach upset, hazy vision etc are few of the gentle side effects that arises at time. Besides, there are few grave ones too that engross at the same time similar to chest pain, heart uneasiness, strokes, prolonged painful erection, heavy dizziness and so. If all such side effects prevails for enduring time than without halting seek medical aid to get aided in betimes before it’s too late.


Among all storage is the last part of concern associated not only with silagra rather every drug that we consume. Storing a drug under proper environmental circumstances is obligatory in order to uphold drugs reliability and endurance for further use. Stock silagra in an unruffled cool place so that it won’t get impair by sunrays or surrounded environment. The temperature of the place where you stock this drug should be around 15-30 degree Celsius and not below or beyond to. Also, keep this drug away from children’s reached for safety because it can be mistreated if clutched in their hand and the aftermath of that will be unbearable. Do not try out with the temperature and also do not refrigerate or stock it in bathroom or kitchen too for the same.