Shipping Policies

On one occasion the order is dispersed and scheduled {registered} in our network system, a customer gets confirmation via E-mail involving the same. If not, than the customer has to review the pre-booked order once again henceforth to acquire it. Similarly, all the orders at are shipped and release on time. As soon as the order is release customers receives a notification beside confirmation of ordered merchandise regarding it shipment yet again.

Customers are asked for to get back to us if their ordered merchandise is not at home on time or is taking much time than the assured one, noticeably. Our customer care lineup will be avail there to assist and guide you for the same; they will provide you with the tracking order number of the released merchandise, so that it will be easy for you to trace it and also to find detail about its {shipping} progress.

Similarly, during interaction you sense any particular erroneous committed by us or on our part which eventually has overdue the delivery time then we assure you that our pharmacy will take all the responsibility solely to refund or re-ship the merchandise again with no extra charge.

Furthermore, if the alleged person is not available at the delivery time due to some exigency or circumstance than it is advisable and sensible to leave a written note on the door including the approaching person name, contact number, address etc to receive the same on your behalf. Or else the shipping gentleman will leave his name, number and other details of the same to be received on your door and you can later call him or re-arrange the delivery all over again as per your wish. It'll make things easy on both parts of apprehension, which will turn only in good favor ultimately.

For any further details, uncertainties and queries please contact our customer care lineup 1-XXX-XXX-XXXX or else you can E-mail us We are happy and avail 24/7 to assist you.