Refund Policy is a networked Pharmacy that does business in autonomous of Generic health care merchandises. Majorly it is all about very much subjective merchandise arrange. Our each and every aim spin around major aspect of our company and that is our Customer unforced satisfaction barring any complications. All the aspects of our policies are framed in favor of our so-called customer and solely for their ease.

Please read out all the standard norm of our refund policy precisely before making any purchase - illuminated below: stands for and obeys 100% money back policy or rearranges the merchandise if the prearranged merchandise is shipped wrongly, as per the customers need.

Even if the prearranged merchandise is shipped wrongly or has arrived at wrong destination than a customer is entitled to demand money back or re-shipment of the order at time, but only when the error is committed by our side, otherwise no reimbursement is establish.

The merchandise will be rearranged only if the customer has a valid reason for claim, otherwise no refund is expected.

No reward will be approved and settled, if there will be any blunder suggested itself regarding order shipment and arrival because of customers own mistake or wrong information made available. In simple terms, a customer is not qualified for the reimbursement if the mistake is done on customer own side.

Even if the prearranged merchandise is not arrived on specified time or as per the assurance of our pharmacy, then the entire matter will be looked into for pharmacy part and consequently all the reimbursement progression will go off.

In the same way, customer has to demand for reimbursement within 30 days of order placement date.

Consecutively, a demand for a reimbursement or compensation or even to make the first move with it a customer has to render an Order Confirmation Number, which was previously provided to them during transaction and order placement process by us. The customer is entitled to file a complaint with us within 7 days of delivery under protest, after that the complaint and insist for the same will not be measured as valid. And the same thing is applicable if a customer demands re-shipment for the inaccurate {wrong} merchandise.

NOTE: A customer is entitled for any compensation or reimbursement, only when our express department receives a Return Merchandise Number in before time - almost immediately.

Medication will be reviewed or replaced only in genuine case and not in every other case. Most importantly, if a person meets head-on to genuine issue with the result or merchandise and not if customer believes to put back the product at instant.

And if probably the refund is made it'll take 10-15 days to turn up and credit into your supposed bank account.