Privacy Policy {MedsColony}

MedsColony is a categorically prearranged website with collateral technology {security} which enables our customer to shop and trade with us liberally free of any qualms. Privacy policy of our website is framed in-consistent with set of laws and ethnicity of the customer markedly. Our Privacy policy assures you how the information and personal detail made available by customer is safe with us.

Details and inclusive information of our privacy policy is acknowledged below,:

The information insist on during order placement process like credit card details, Name, Number, Email ID etc is wholly for professional function thus do not be indecisive to submit so. Entire information is asked for order placing purpose solely and nothing ahead of that, and is firmly for professional use. Furthermore it is protected under safety surveillance and values intimately. Thus, there is no possibility of sharing the customer personal info with third party.

While, each single customer has their individual personal login account with us; they can anytime from anywhere modify their confidential information simply by login into their account. A customer can also render convinced interchange additional details if he/she feels so.

And the information made available by the customer is never disclosed to any third party, below any circumstances, there are equipped in sequence technologies fixed in our system to look after such. For instant, there are security password, encryption of data and multi security technology that assists in upholding and supporting so.

At the same time as a reputed prominent drug pharmacy, there is no such service that follows promotional message and calls involving our customer. As we are aware of their privacy and time, we only send message regarding our launching of our new product or its usage only if the customer has previously picked so we are absolutely in opposition to spamming and junk messages. If you have not picked that option and yet you are receiving any promotional message than please contact or complaint about it to our customer care prearrange service immediately they'll take care of the matter henceforth.