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Kamagra Soft Tab is another popular form of Kamagra. Kamagra Soft Tab is the first Generic soft chewable tab version of Generic Viagra, which is highly effective in treating erectile dysfunction. This drug is an easy to chew and swallow for patients who do not like taking tablets which give them the feeling of being sick or unwell. In some cases especially for elder men who have the problem in swallow the conventional hard tablets due to narrow throat find Kamagra Soft Tab as a convenient option. Each Kamagra Soft Tab pill contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate. A single pack of Kamagra Soft Tab contains four tabs available in different flavors. Since Kamagra Soft Tab is easy to consume and available in delicious tangy flavors, this makes it an extremely popular drug. Kamagra Soft Tab is popular not only for its effective result but also because it shows immediate results, in compared to other form of Generic Viagra. Other reason why Kamagra Soft Tab is among the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction is because, it not just help men to achieve good erection but also helps them to gain back their lost self confidence. Kamagra Soft Tab works effective in almost all the cases of erectile dysfunction i.e. it works irrespective of its duration of the disorder in the man, his age, and the cause of the disorder. Kamagra has proven to be the most successful and the safe ED cure by far and there are millions of men who are still seeking for its help.

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A drug shows its effectivity only when it is taken in the right amount. Your doctor would be the best person to advise the right dosing quantity for your disorder. Do not take this drug with consulting with your physician. Never make any changes to the dosing schedule suggested to you by your doctor without discussing with him. Since, it might cause some serious complication to your health. Confirm the appropriate dosing strength from your doctor only then start taking this drug. Kamagra Sot Tab 50mg is the initial recommended dose of this drug and 100mg is the strongest available dose of Kamagra Sift Tab. Kamagra Soft Tab is sublingual, which means it should be taken by keeping it beneath the tongue. Do not swallow it water or do not break, crush or chew the tablet just keep it beneath the tongue and it liquefies within seconds and dissolves in the bloodstream If you experience any side effect then ask your doctor to change the dose or drug to avoid the cause of any severe side effect. The effect will begin with 15 minutes from the time you have taken the drug; hence it is better to take this drug 20-30 minutes prior to the sexual act. This drug will not work without sexual stimulation which means it helps you gain erection naturally. For best result it is better if men do not take this drug after a heavy meal or fatty meal as it delays the quick effect of this drug. Overdose should be strictly avoided. As this drug can be taken as and when needed men do not have to worry about missing a dose.


The side effect of a drug can never be avoided or separated. It becomes the integral part of a medicine. If you are looking for a drug without side effects then it's a pure waste of time as there is no such drug available till date. Side effects may vary from mild to severe but it's true that they do exits Kamagra Soft Tab is not at all an exception and it too has a number of side effects in them. Kamagra Soft Tab is the most preferred drug in the market because it causes the least number of side effects in men. There are very few or rare occurrence its side effects that are reported by this drug and thus, make it the most noticeable drug. Let's have a look at the less serious or the most common side effects of Kamagra Soft Tab that may not cause any harm to your body. These commonly cause side effects do not last in your body for a very long time, they will disappear after some time, and they are; Blur Vision, Color Blindness, Indigestion, Diarrhea, Headache, Nasal Congestion, Urinary Tract Infections, Reddening Of Face, Dizziness, Gas. Later on when you get used to this drug your body will fully adapt it and will get used to it and the side effects will completely disappear. Other uncommon or serious side effects of Kamagra Soft Tab that may affect your health severely and will require an immediate medical help are; Hives, Strokes, Bleeding, Heart Attack, Pain In Chest, Fast Heartbeat, Abdominal Pain, Lumps On The Tongue, Severe Dizziness, Shortness Of Breath, Blood Pressure Problem, Penis Erection For More Than Four Hours. Incase if any of the above mentioned side effects or any other side effect remain in your body for a considerably longer time then you must immediately look for a medical help without making any further delay. Enduringness of these side effects in your body for a long time is not good for your health.


Giving proper storage to drugs is a must, as the long life of the drug depends on its storage condition. Proper storage will help you increase the lifespan of the drug and will keep it in the best condition. Kamagra Soft Tab should be stored very carefully. Read on to find more store tips. The most appropriate storing temperature for Kamagra Soft Tab is between 15˚C-30˚C. Keeping the drug under extreme climatic condition may lead to spoiling of the drug. The drug should be stored in a air-tight container and in a cool and a dry place. Leave the container untouched when there is no need of this drug frequently handling the drug may lead to its earlier destroying. Carefully put away the expired pack of this drug. As it's very risky to your health if you consume it by mistake. It's better to dump it or flush it in the toilet. Kamagra Soft Tab should be strictly stored away from the reach of women and children.

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Kamagra Oral Jelly is only intended to be used by men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Ensure that you are maintaining a gap of at least 24 hours between the two consecutive pills. This is to avoid overdose of the drug. Individual must inform his physician of he is allergic to Sildenafil Citrate which is the key chemical composition of this drug or any other chemical element present in this drug. Taking this drug along with alcohol can be unsafe to your health hence avoid taking it with alcohol. Taking this after a heavy or a fatty meal will delay the quick effect of this drug. Impotent men must avoid performing heavy physical activities such as driving, or operating heavy machineries as you may feel dizziness and drowsiness after taking the medication. Impotent men suffering from serious heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, liver or kidney problems must not take this medicine without consulting the doctor. Kamagra Oral Jelly does not acts like a contraceptive or will neither provide you with any protection against sexually transmitted disease such as AIDS and HIV.