Generic Zyban- Pill to Cease Smoking Forever

Generic Zyban is a very popular anti-smoking as well as an anti-depressant medication. It aids the smokers to quit this harmful practice of smoking and using tobacco. Bupropion is the key chemical ingredient that directs the drawback signs of smoking and enables the person back off from this bad habit. Regular intake of this medicine will lessen the smoking desire of the smokers. Since Generic Zyban is an anti-smoking as well as an anti-depressant medication, it means it stops people from smoking as well as it strength them for its withdrawal effects. GlaxoSmithKline were the first manufacturers of Generic Zyban. It is a very effective medication that should be strictly consume after seeking proper prescription from your physician. Generic Zyban is an FDA approved drug that has gain an AB rating, which means that it is equivalent to its branded counterpart. This drug is mainly manufactured under by two companies and is sold under different names that are Buproban manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals and Bupropion SR manufactured by Sandoz Pharmaceuticals. When all other measures fail in quitting smoking, then take help of this drug which is a assured solution.

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If the person is planning to take Generic Zyban then it is important for him to take if after seeking proper prescription from the physician. A must strictly start taking this drug after seeking proper prescription only. Generic Zyban is available in the dose of 150mg, and ideally it should be consumed in the beginning of the day. The ideal dose of Generic Zynban must be taken twice in a day. After some day your doctor will gain make some change to your dosage and it will be increases to 300 mg same twice a day. You do not need to follow any strictly diet plan while you are taking Generic Zyban. It can be taken at any time of the day either prior or after the meal. Generic zyban must be taken along with a glass of water only. As, it helps the drug to dissolve faster in your blood. For best result do skip or avoid the dosage this will cause an unnecessary delay to your treatment. Regular consumption of the drug will help you experience better and faster results. Make sure that you are taking the dose daily at the same time of the day. Follow all the mentioned dosing rules and enjoy quitting your smoking habit.


Side effects in medication are one of the most avoidable parts of the drug. but you do not need to be worried about Generic Zyban. They are safe and some may cause some mild and instantly disappearing side effects. Some of the minor side effects of Generic Zyban appear normally and fade away after some time and do not appear ever after that. Not all but only some face these side effects. Very few people till date who have reported side effect caused due to Generic Zyban. Some of the easily curable side effects of Generic Zyban are as dollows; Unable To Sleep, Runny Nose, Nausea, Pain In Muscles, Constipation, Jitteriness, Pain In Abdomen, Cough, Sore Throat, Weakness. If these side effects last for too long then you must immediately seek for medical help. Other serious Side effected reported by Generic Zyban are High Blood Pressure, Increased Heart Beat, Seizures, Suicidal Thoughts, Anxiety, Excitement, Uneasiness, Chest Palpitations, Hives, Swelling In Lips, Throat, Breathlessness, Itching. All these side effect are severe and may require an immediate medical attention, and do not delay it.


Like any other chemical based drug Generic Zyban may also requires a proper storage condition. It is true that the lifespan of a drug majorly depends on its storage facility. Appropriate room temperature to store Generic Zyban is 25˚C. If the drug is store beyond extremeness then it may loss it effectively and will prove to be unhelpful. Store the drug in an air-tight container after use, and place it in a protected place that is neat, clean and perfectly dry. Place the drug in such a way that it is away from the reach of children. The drug is not allowed to be used by pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers. Extreme Heat, light and moisture will spoil the drug before it expiry drug. hence it it always from such extreme climatic conditions. Do not store the drug if it has crossed it expiry date it can be very harmful if consumed after that. Hence, carefully dispose it.

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It is important for you to take all the safety measure to experience best result. This will help you experience faster and more effective results. While you are taking the Generic Zyban medication make sure that you are taking it under proper medical guideline. Inform you doctor about your past and present medical history. Let him know if you are suffering from any health complication. It is very important for you to be punctual with the intake of the drug and strictly follow the dosing tips. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are particularly recommended to see a physician first before you begin taking Generic Zyban. Physical activities such as driving or operation of any heavy machinery should be strictly avoided immediately after taking Generic Zyban.